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What references do I need to get?

For either a long or a short let you will be asked to provide the following a passport and/or driving licence, bank statements 3 months previous, payslips 3 months previous to include National Insurance No, a landlord reference and or work reference and or letter from the accountant (if you are self employed).

Who is responsible for contacting the utility companies after I move in?

When you move in to your new home we will arrange to write to the relevant authorities to advise them of the new let. We usually register you to pay council tax and we normally write to the water company.

However, we recommend that you contact the utility companies for gas and electric as there are so many providers in the open market and you the tenant are responsible for setting up accounts with them.

How do I pay rent?

We prefer monthly rental payments to come into our account directly. You may set up a standing order with your bank or set up an online payment so that the funds reach us by the due date which is written clearly in your tenancy agreement. We ask that you reference your payment with the first line of your address so that we are able to identify funds as they come in.

What happens if my rent is paid late?

If there is a problem which may result in late payment, you should contact the office to let them know the reason for this. However, we will send a rent arrears letter if the payment is overdue beyond 5 days and interest will be charged until payment is received.


How do I serve notice to vacate my property?

Notice would need to be served in accordance with your particular lease agreement. This would need to be sent to us by post or email to our office.

What should I do with the keys at the end of the tenancy?

You need to ensure that all sets of keys are handed back to a member of staff at the office or at the time of check out at the property. You need to ensure this happens on or before the last day of your tenancy.

What expenditure should I expect at the end of the tenancy?

As an outgoing tenant typically your costs will be associated with professional cleaning and the inventory check out. Any discrepancies between the check in and check out may result in deductions from your deposit.

How do I renew my contract after the first year?

Prior to the end of your tenancy we usually send you a reminder letter to advise you that your agreement is coming to an end. This will give you time to decide whether you want to extend the contract or vacate the property.

When is my deposit returned to me?

Once the check-out has been conducted, the property has been cleaned to a satisfactory standard and we have received instructions regarding the deposit from the landlord, the money will be returned to your nominated account, less any agreed deductions. This typically takes 10 working days and generally no more than 28 days. If your question is still not answered, please contact your Property Manager directly at the office.

Call 020-8696-6904 for further information or assistance.

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