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Flat residents must be able to enjoy their home and feel proud of where they live. But sadly, without the good Block Management Services in place, a home can turn from a Haven into a headache. And that’s no fun for anyone. Who wants to survive in an apartment block that looks unloved, with peeling paint, overflowing bins or overgrown gardens?Who enjoys having a regular dispute with their neighbors over parking or having to query service charges every year?

A right block management company will make sure that kind of stuff doesn’t happen. A great residential block management company goes one step further and takes care of your building as if it were their own.

Our Approach

At Heaven Properties we have made it our mission to create a new kind of property management; a world where flat ownership is a joy, not a chore. We’ll ensure that every penny from your service charge goes towards keeping your block running efficiently, giving you the assurance that your home is in safe hands. Our brilliant people are what enable us to accomplish this and go above your expectations every time. It’s our job to resolve all property problems and we believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!From day-to-day management to advising developers on the design of communal areas, we take care of everything relating to apartment blocks and their communal areas.
We work closely with developers to ensure that everything, from lifts to gardens, is designed so that they can be managed practically and cost-effectively. We then provide guidance and assistance to set service charge budgets, provide pre-completion consultancy to the builders, and carry out consultations for major works and long-term agreements.

Advice and assistance for achieving practical & cost-effective management

Our clients range from investor funds to private landlords & resident management companies, with properties across the spectrum, from 500 unit new-builds to converted blocks in the prime estates.
We deal with the tendering and administration of maintenance contracts, and the appointment and management of onsite staff to ensure the smooth running of the building. The team has a wealth of experience of professional & residential block management for a large number of clients, so we are often called for expert witness and mediation.

Heaven Properties specialized in hands-on block management for purpose-built apartment blocks and building conversions. Each of our management instructions has very different requirements. That’s why we sit down with new clients and carefully go through their requirements to create a bespoke, transparent management solution that’s affordable and will enhance the fabric of their property now and in the future. Whether its issues of legal compliance, accounting for repairs, we can deliver a first-class solution.

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