Heaven Estate works together with professional electricians across the country to provide a complete solution for electrical safety in the UK. Their service is designed as per the legal safety requirements of the landlords. We are one of the most reputed letting agents in the UK and are well-recognised in the industry for our reasonable pricing for our lakhs of landlords. 


What is Your Responsibility as a Landlord?

It is the legal responsibility of the landlords to ensure that all the electrical appliances in their property are safe and well maintained during the tenancy. This covers almost everything from lights, fuse boxes, plugs, earthing, equipment, and internal wiring.



All fixed electrical appliances that are connected through the electricity metre of your property are included in the electrical installation of your property. Electrical connection, appliances, etc. have their own life and deteriorates over a period. Hence, it is a legal requirement for the landlords to get them checked from time to time to keep them well-maintained. 


If landlords fail to maintain the electrical safety of their property it would invalidate their insurance policies and it can also lead to legal actions. Therefore, as a landlord, it is important that you take the safety of your tenants very seriously and get your electricity checked regularly and at the same time obtain your electrical safety certificates. It would be beneficial for your business too. 

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