If you are interested in letting your property, which may possibly be one of your valuable assets, our Lettings Department is tailored to take the worry out of letting. It gives you the peace of mind that your property is being looked after by a team, which not only has an enthusiastic interest in it, but a personal interest in you as well. 

We will ensure that you receive the best return on your capital, coupled with the lowest annual costs of running your property

You may be seeking answers to a few key questions which may include;
    ? What do I need to do to prepare the property for letting?
    ? How can I ensure that the return on the property is maximised?
    ? How do I minimise the risk of problem tenants?
    ? Will my property be returned in good condition?

The following sets out to demonstrate to you that we here at Heaven Estates have the capability to answer these questions positively.

We help in advising you how to prepare your property for a tenancy and we will market it to prospective tenants. All team members have been fully trained in matching the requirements of tenants against available properties. We will provide you with a Letting and Rent collection service or Management Service. We will ensure that your property is both well maintained and visited at regular intervals.

We endeavour to provide the highest level of care as well as a continuity of service. From start to finish our Lettings department will take care of everything to do with letting. Above all our strengths are the professionalism of our team and our commitment to you, the Landlord.
Letting is a complex business and many new business come and say that they are experts when in fact they have little or no experience but as their sales business struggles, they need to try and get the revenue quickly to say afloat.
These companies quite often go bust with the very money that is often your rent or deposit at risk 

At Heaven Estate Agent LTD, as well as having the long term reputation, we also have fidelity bonding insurance, meaning that if we were to go out of business, any client money is fully protected.
Heaven Estate Agents are fidelity bonded by PROPERTY MARK PROTECTED.

Landlord Fees

What fees can I expect to pay when I let a property through Heaven Estate Agent LTD?


Schedule of Services

Tenant Introduction Service 5% (NO VAT) of the gross rent payable throughout the initial term

Rent Management Service 5% (NO VAT) of the gross rent payable throughout the initial term

Full Management Service 7% (NO VAT) of the gross rent payable throughout the initial term

Renewal Fee 5% (NO  VAT) of the gross rent payable throughout the extended term (For managed properties includes Smart Rental Protection +)

Pre-Tenancy Preparation


Additional fees which may be applicable to some landlords

My Deposit Registration            £40.00
Disclaimer Agreement where landlord uses own tenancy agreement           Free of charge
My Deposit Dispute Administration (Managed Property)           Free of charge
Land Registry search           £5 per search if you are unable to provide proof of                                                  ownership
Inventory make and check ins            £150.00

Propety Search

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