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Welcome to Heaven Estate Agent Ltd!

We are a property management firm with years of experience in providing end-to-end real estate help.  Be it the need for property sales, lettings, sales evaluation, or any other service, our team is considered best to grab the best deal for our customers. We have helped numerous people in getting their dream home to live within their budget without any hassle. Grabbing the best possible selling price for any property becomes easy with us.

Additionally, we are also interested in property renovations and selling them for property owners anywhere in London and Essex. Full Property Management Services

Heaven Properties : Heaven Estate is a reliable local estate agents and property consultants committed for providing professional solutions to home owners, home sellers, landlords and tenants in London and surrounding areas. We are backed up by a skilled, experienced and enthusiastic professionalsto assure that selling and letting process runs smoothly for everyone. We specialize in providing private lettings and portfolio management regardless of the size of the portfolio.

Being an accredited housing service provider, we offer guaranteed rent on long-term leases. If you have a property to let in rent guarantee scheme, you can count upon us for regular rental income. Once your property is accepted onto our rent guarantee scheme, we will inspect your property regularly to make sure it is readily available for tenants. Initially, we make an offer to you for a period of 1-3 year and the contact usually begins one month after acceptance of our offer. Once the contact begins, you will be paid agreed mount each month under all circumstances.

What happens at the end of the contract?

Approximately two months prior to the end of the contract we will write to you offering a further contact, or giving you the option to take back possession of the property. If a new contract is signed more than one month prior to the end of the initial contract then we will guarantee that the new contract runs concurrently following the expiry of the initial contract. There are no renewal fees or charges for extending the contract.

Preparing the Property - House Price Valuations London

Once the property becomes vacant we will prepare a full inventory that includes colour photographs in order to establish an accurate record of the condition of the property at the point it is handed over to us. The inventory will be prepared by us at no charge to you and it will be checked by a professional inventory clerk at the end of the contract when the property is eventually returned to you.

To comply with current legal obligations, we require you to provide a current landlords gas safety certificate and an energy performance certificate, prior to the start of the contract. If you prefer we can arrange these certificates on your behalf and deduct the cost from your first rent payment. The gas safety certificate needs to be renewed each year but we will make these arrangements on your behalf and we will cover the cost of this.